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Lucie Cerna

Home country

Czech Republic

Internship city and country

Dublin , Ireland

Internship employer

Trinity College Dublin

University study field


Year of internship


Internship length

9 weeks


We are trying to produce conductive polymers, which can be used for developing of heart patches in heart attack treatment. I have just graduated in Clinical Bioanalytics and after my internship I will start a PhD. This is great oppurtunity to see different approach for human health science.

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We are only two trainees in Dublin, but we share a room together. IAESTE organises great weekend events, almost every week. I had the opportunity to try surfing, which was a great experience and without IAESTE, I wouldn't have tried it.


My first internship was two years ago in Tunis. It changed my life - the way how I see the world. I started to travel more, joined IAESTE, went to Erasmus and applied for a second internship, because I have realised that I love discovering other cultures, not just as a tourist but like locals. And that's possible, if you stay for a longer time, work or study with locals and speak with them.