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Home country

Czech Republic

Internship city and country

Tunis, Tunisia

Internship employer


University study field


Year of internship


Internship length

6 weeks


I worked at acredited food laboratory with local people and other trainees from Tunisia. I did basic chemical and microbiological analysis of canned products, mainly tomato and harissa (sauces from chilli peppers), olives and jams. I was doing the same chemical experiments, which I had learned at university, but it was nice to see it in the real world.

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Two members picked me up at the airport with taxi. I went to work with one member on the first day. We lived together in one house and we had many opurtunities to meet after work. I had also roommate and we shared bathroom and kitchen with 2 other girls. Sometimes we organized small trips in Tunis to Carthage or museums by ourselves. Every week there was trip with bus to interesting places in Tunisia. The biggest trip was for 5 days. Sometimes we were waiting a lot, but it is normal in Tunisia.


I didn't learn a lot of new things in my work, but the rest was amazing. I met more than 20 people from all over the world (Europe, Iran, Mexico, Palestina, Oman...) and it totally broke all my prejudicies I had before. I could compare different cultures and religions and everyone respected the others. It improved my English (if you speak French, it will improve you French too). I had many adventurous experiences (parasailing, diving, camel riding, jumping from 10metres high rock to the sea, driving in desert with 4wheel)