United States


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Lubica Komarova

Home country


Internship city and country

New York , United States

Internship employer

Cultural Vistas

University study field

Information Technology

Year of internship


Internship length

52 weeks


I helped an NGO focused on education and exchanging students all over the world - I joined the IT team and helped with an internal system. I felt very proud to be helping good cause of young people gaining global mindset which I feel is really important. I was working within a small IT team practicing SCRUM method and felt a big support from my supervisors with any help necessary.

Img 3205+ +lubica+komarova


There is everything in NYC!! Think of a thing you want the most - it's here! There has been so much I've come to appreciate during my year in NYC. My bucket list got significantly shorter - I saw my favorite comedian, John Oliver, experienced the magic that is Broadway. I've lived in a neighborhood I wanted to live in my whole life, I've worked with a girl from Bolivia who is now one of my closest friends. New York City is limitless and its biggest additional value is it will make you feel limitless too!


There is so much I've learned about myself! Things I did not expect :) As an IAESTE volunteer I considered myself an internationally thinking person but spending time in the greatest melting pot of the world only emphasised my love for diversity and confirmed to me that we are the same people when we take away the labels we surround ourselves with and that we do ourselves a favour by doing so! My stay here inspired me to change my majors a little bit and focus on the human side of creating apps - the things we interact the most nowadays and do not consider the effect it has on us and our health. I've discovered that by leaving the country or time zone you are not missing out on your relationships and the people you love. Everything is going to be waiting for you just as you left it. Thanks to all the people I've met I discovered that America is so much more than United States and it broadened my view of the world significantly!