Lenka Vatrskov√°

Home country

Czech Republic

Internship city and country

Bulacan, Philippines

Internship employer

First City Providential College

University study field


Year of internship


Internship length

12 weeks


I got to teach senior high school chemistry (12 STEM students) and supervise junior high school students in a chemistry laboratory. Apart from that I attended and helped to organise seminars where I got to be a speaker, I got to attend a few seminars focused on enhancing laboratory skills or how to succeed in workplace.



I was glad I got to work with students who were creative, energetic, willing to learn, interactive and respectful. They always greeted me whenever they saw me. I enjoyed teaching very much. Every time students passed their tests, I felt proud of them as well as proud of me because I managed to successfully share my knowledge. Being a teacher is very responsible and important job.

The same goes with other faculty members. My cooperative teacher (T. Lyka) was unbelievably patient, kind and always willing to help me to improve. She taught me correct ways to handle the students and to respond to different situations. She became my mentor.  

My other coworkers (or friends rather) were always there whenever I needed them. Every single day I went to work feeling happy and grateful that I got to spend another day with them. They manage to find a way to handle even the most stressful days.


I chose this internship because it combined chemistry and working with young people. I did not see myself spending a whole day in the laboratory testing and doing research. This way I got to know different educational system and new effective ways of learning. Also, thanks to the Filipino hospitable nature and because they want to help everyone I got to learn how to rely on people and ask for help since I was too  proud  and “independent” before my internship, That way I have learned that it is okay to be vulnerable, when people care about you it is not a problem for them to make a time and help you. Plus, I got to spend three monthsin the Philippines and the country and nature are breathtaking.