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Jakub Voříšek

Home country


Internship city and country

Benin City, Nigeria

Internship employer

Covenant University

University study field


Year of internship


Internship length

6 weeks


I worked 3 weeks at the university of Benin where I got introduced to traditional Benin architecture. The final 3 weeks I was allocated to Covenant University where I made a report on social housing. I spent a lot of my time speaking to my colleagues and their perspective on architecture was very interesting.

20190912 185809+ +jakub+vorisek


The time I was at Benin has been truly an experience. The dormitory lacked running water and electricity. It wasn't easy but looking back at it, it made me more grateful for what I have. At Covenant University the infrastructure was working perfectly, the only issue were cockroaches ants and bedbugs. I met a lot of people. I was fortunate to meet people from different economic backgrounds. I conversated with Nigerians that were very influential and wealthy but also with people that live on 2 Euro a day. Of course I made a lot of friends.


I now have a better understanding about people in extreme poverty which made me more empathetic. I stopped taking things for granted. Overall the internship made me more confident and I also would like to help people in developing countries with my knowledge in architecture.