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Home country


Internship city and country

Osijek , Croatia

Internship employer


University study field

Automatics and Robotics

Year of internship


Internship length

8 weeks


I was working with FPGA Zynq board programming an image converter in VHDL/Verilog. It was a standalone project, but I also got a chance to familiarize with other team member work. I got a mentor of my internship, who was always ready to help with my problems.

Img 20190729 wa0010+ +ilona+tomkowicz


I stayed in Studencki Novi Dom dormitory 2 min walk from my work. It's only named "new" - in fact it was pretty old and with no AC. However, I found it a great adventure to live there. Have you ever tried to cover all your windows with cooking foil to prevent getting boiled in your own room? If not then trust me, it's fun! And as the matter of the fact I would never change my dorm for anything else. Most of other IAESTE interns were living there, so it was a way better choice than looking for accommodation on my own and staying alone. My work was very flexible, so I started it usually between 8 and 11. I had a half shift offer, but I always stayed longer - I felt so good at work! No only because immersive project, but also thanks to my coworkers, who were amazing people. I spent 8 weeks on my internship and would you believe me that I cannot bring to my mind more than 2 evenings when I stayed in my room? And it was only because I was tired, not because there was nothing to do! The Osijek LC did really amazing job. What is more, we also traveled a bit at weekends. I visited not only Croatia (Rijeka, Plitvička Jezera) but also a part of Serbia (Beograd) and Bosnia (Banija Luka, Zenica, Sarajewo).


This internship really inspired me to become more active in my everyday life. I also learnt one simple but essential rule: if you want to feel happy then surround you with people who make you happy, who burst with enthusiasm and look positively at life. It's not so hard to find them - it's enough to go for an IAESTE internship, but there are also numerous other ways.