Hisham Toufeeq Abdalhai

Home country


Internship city and country

Bulacan, Philippines

Internship employer

First City Providential College

University study field

Mechanical Engineering

Year of internship


Internship length

12 weeks


My internship here was astonishing, since it was a mixture between working, learning, self-development and entertainment. Also, the day to day tasks were suitable to me and my expectations. Furthermore, I enjoyed doing the responsibilities assigned to me since they were related to my field of study such as engineering orientation, project based teaching and management, mathematics and scientific research.   



I truly enjoyed the love of the students of First City Providential College to learning and self-evolution. Also, I must mention the college which provided me with the lovely and comfortable atmosphere to work, achieve more and also form a big base of public relations and friends. 

The big support of the administration, co-workers and colleagues who considered me as one of their family members. In addition to that, getting introduced to the awesome people of IAESTE Philippines (employees and students) and of course enjoying this spectacular country.  


I believe that this experience played a major role in making me a better person as it increased my knowledge and skills in all of the aspects and also in preparing me for jobs I will take in the near future.