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Hana Skálová

Home country

Czech Republic

Internship city and country

Irbid , Jordan

Internship employer

Jordan University of Science and Technology

University study field


Year of internship


Internship length

8 weeks


My internship was at the Jordan university of Science and Technology (JUST University) near Irbid. I was working in the laboratory at the Deparment of Chemical Engineering at the Faculty of Egineering. My supervisor was doctor Muhannad Al-Jarrah and i was working on a project with one of his student. The theme of the work was Preparation of antibacterial material for food packaging with injection of essential oils to the plastic material. The work was interesting and work in a laboratory wasn't difficult.

Img 20190725 154036+ +hana+sk%c3%a1lov%c3%a1


Accomodation was arranged and payed by local IAESTE. They have found an appartmnet for us in nice and quiet area. Boys and girls lived in separated appartmens but not in the same building, 20 minutes by walking from each other. In the apparment was everything that we needed, we didn't have any problems with neighbors. I was living in an appartment with two girls, each had its own bedroom, we had a big living room with kitchen, bathroom and balcony. We meet almost every day with other interns and other local students at the university and also out of the univeristy ... we went together to cafe, shopping or we meet at our appartments just to hang out. We also organized our own trips around Irbid for hiking. In Irbid were only 8 interns so we were a small group close to each other. In trips we have meet with inters staying in Amman (cca 40) and also we hang out with them too


At the laboratory i was working with other students from the university, i learnt a lot about their projects and culture from our talks. The project i was working on was at the beginning so i just a small part of it, but i got a lot of experiences in this study field wich i hope i could one day use in mine own research.