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Hana Skálová

Home country

Czech Republic

Internship city and country

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Internship employer

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

University study field


Year of internship


Internship length

8 weeks


I was working in the Institute of Combustion problems, which was part of KazNU. My research project was "Carbonization of rise husk, physical and chemical actiovation os RS and it's use for water treatment". The work at the laboratory was a bit different i was used from school laboratory and i got a lot of expiriences in different study field that is mine.

Img 20180708 155656+ +hana+sk%c3%a1lov%c3%a1


I was living at the dormitory in the university campus, where lived most of the interns. During working days we had lunch together with my other colleagues from institute and for dinner we went out with other interns or we cooked something together at the dormitory kitchen. We also hang out with locals often during the week or weekend. At the weekends we went hiking by ourselfs with some of our locals friends or we joined trips organized by local IAESTE office to see as much as we could from beautiful kazakh nature. With few of other intern we organized short trips to neighbour coutries - Kyrgystan and Uzbekistan.


I learned a lot about their culture and about research project in the institute, where i worked. I made many friendships with forreign students from all of the world, local people and i improved my english. I had the opportunity to travel to close countries.