Muwo weekend+ +dora+sun

Dora Sun

Home country


Internship city and country

Munich, Germany

Internship employer


University study field

Computer Science

Year of internship


Internship length

12 weeks


I was immersed in the study of natural language processing and web-scraping technology. I am very grateful to my employer for giving me this opportunity to know something about NLP which also give me the ideas to step into this field.

Muwo weekend+ +dora+sun


IAESTE Munich was an amazing organization, everyone in this organization is hospitality and energetic. And everyone around me is friendly and kindness, they have unique personality and characteristics, talk with these outstanding mates let me know more about cultural difference. I enjoy every day lived in Munich, especially with my lovely roommates and my charming workmates, who always bring a lot of fun and knowledge. It’s a big pity that time runs out sooo fast.


In this amazing trip, I discover the world also discover myself. I keep challenging myself no matter on my study or my life. I do anything I wasn't planning or imaging to do, like trying to learn something new in a short time, pushing myself go out of the comfortable zone, again and again, and trying something impossible to me. I believe this idea:Everything have the first time and millions of time. And I think I would not be afraid to do a lot of things another time.