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Deepanshu Lodha

Home country


Internship city and country

Sakon Nakhon, Thailand

Internship employer

Kasetsart University

University study field

Mechanical Engineering

Year of internship


Internship length

12 weeks


I feel lucky to work as a mechanical research intern at Kasetsart University, Sakon Nakhon, Thailand. My project was based on the experimantal investigation on Gasoline to Butane Engine conversion. As per my interest, I was also allowed to work on drying and planting machines. I have designed a venturi nozzle for butane engine with the help of 3 D printer and CATIA. In my free time I use to give basic knowledge about the software and my research form.

Incollage 20190820 022937647 01+ +deepanshu+lodha


Greetings!! I would like to thanks IAESTE for giving me this opportunity to exchange my culture, ideas and knowledge with interns from different parts of world. Accomodation : My accomodation was in a Hotel inside the university premises with the 3-Star facilities. I used to ride my bicycle to my office room. Working hours were flexible. Socialising : Thai culture taught me that life is all about enjoying each and every moment. Their working environment,respect for their teachers and love for nature. i have been part of many social activities like weekend trips to temples for helping and serving the monks, fun activites for the students of primary schools, marathon, cultural events like International cooking festival, dancing fest and my favourite one was trip with all the international students. Trips : As I mentioned about the flexible working hours, I was free on saturday and sunday for exploring and traveling. I have been to many beautiful provinces in Thailand like Bangkok, Phuket, Phi Phi Island. Yes, the trip was full of fun, adventure and thrill but on the same side I learned many things like experiencing the thai food, learning by speaking the thai language and knowing their religious practices and customs.


It all started with a dream and ended like a dream come true. These three months totally changed my life , my perception and ideology in particular situations, love for the tradition, dedication and teamwork. I realised the language can never be a barrier for your communication. If you are kind hearted, you can adjust yourself with the situation and if you are a good listener as well as learner, then no one can stop you to succedd. Thank you IAESTE