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Clara Gmeiner

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Internship city and country

Kuopio , Finland

Internship employer

City of Kuopio

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Year of internship


Internship length

8 weeks


I redesigned the centre of a suburb of Kuopio in two very different versions and I also made a concept for the surrounding area. First I made several analysis about that area and Kuopio - infrastructure, buildings, inhabitants etc. Then I started to design. There were several feedback meetings. In the end I had a big presentation infront of the whole department.

Clara4+ +clara+gmeiner


I lived in a student dorm - but university starts in September in Finland, so I was almost alone in the dorm during the first month. There is no IAESTE Local Committee in Kuopio, but fortunately I met a spanish girl over there and spent a lot of evenings together with her. Also my colleagues from work were very open minded, even those who already had children, so we also made some plans after work plans. In Finland they have two coffee breaks each day - one in the morning and one after lunch - so that was the perfect opportunity to get in touch with all of my colleagues. They were all so friendly.


I definately was a bit scared about how I would perform in a different country and with other bosses, in a bigger department than I was used to. But I was able to impress them. So I gained more self-esteem. At this time it was also the longest time I was abroad on my own. This experience also showed me that I was really interested in not only architecture in small structures, but also bigger ones like real urban planning. So there is a huge change for me to go into a different direction than architecture. Since there is no IAESTE LC I also needed to socialise more actively with other people and build up my own social network over there. And it worked perfectly ;)