Barcelona+ +brigitte+rafael

Brigitte Rafael

Home country


Internship city and country

Barcelona , Spain

Internship employer

Creu Roja

University study field

Computer Science

Year of internship


Internship length

4 weeks


I supported the IT team with the development of small websites to manage their processes including web development and data base queries.

Barcelona+ +brigitte+rafael


The job and team were very relaxed. When I arrived, they usually went for a coffee. I joined them sometimes but it was difficult for me to keep track since they quickly switched to Catalan and then I could not understand them any more. There was a guy in charge of me who introduced me to the system and told me about my tasks. They were all very nice. When I arrived a lot of trainees just left and there was only a small group of people left in Barcelona. They worked in a smaller place outside the city and I could visit them once. Also, we arranged picnics at the sea and visited some festivals together. My accommodation was with a local spanish guy which was ok.


I had only learned a bit of Spanish before and I really had to talk. The people in the office and in shops hardly spoke any English so I had no other choice. That was good since otherwise the temptation is always big to switch back to English. My traineeship was only one month which is way too short. Still, it helped me to improve my language and get in touch with the Spanish lifestyle and to discover Barcelona. I could rent a bike there and when finding my ways through the city I almost felt life a local when I left.