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Aris Skarvelas

Home country


Internship city and country

Navan, Ireland

Internship employer


University study field

Mining Engineering

Year of internship


Internship length

12 weeks


My work can be separated to office and field environment. In the office, my job consisted of designing and dealing with other projects or databases. I used a specific designing program for mine design and the microsoft office software. I learned how to use a cutting - edge tool for mining industries and i improved my tech skills on microsoft office as well. Regarding the field job, i measured with the help of the supervisor engineer, the movements of the underground walls in various drifts. Then we could work in the office with those measurements and make the required calculations. I also experienced a significant mine safety training. I've been introduced as well to the various departments (mining areas) in which i heard and learned about the procedures. As a result, i understood how a mining company works in general, at any department, and i've earned an important experience of how the underground mine procedures take place.

Boliden+photo+ +aris+skarvelas


Regarding the accommodation, i've had help from the company and IAESTE members as well in order to find one. I managed to find a place to stay before moving to Ireland, and generally everything was alright. I've done many trips with the IAESTE members and by myself as well. I was lucky enough because IAESTE organised many events, so most of the times i had people who knew the areas in which i was travelling. That resulted in learning quickly the Irish traditions and the way of how people live. I also met people in those trips from different nations around the world, along with the other students who i met in the company. The trips were really enjoyable and i had a great time in those 3 months in Ireland.


This internship was a great chance to work for a sufficient period in a mining company and observe how do they work in that field. I also lived in a small town, which is contrary to where i come from. Navan town has a population of 20.000 people while Athens has a population of a couple of millions. I had the chance to experience many procedures which i got taught in my university and improve on them. The experience which i have at the moment will definitely be a good basis for further improvement and work opportunities, in the future.