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Internship city and country


Internship employer

Federal Center for Technological Education of Minas Gerais

University study field

Electronics and Communication

Year of internship


Internship length

12 weeks


In August 2019 I had the incredible opportunity to go to Brazil, for an IAESTE internship in Light Fidelity minimal circuits set for basic wireless optical communication. I was lucky to be supervised by a wonderful Assistant Professor Patrick Mendes dos Santos and helped by amazingly cooperative colleagues. In order to perform wireless communication using LEDs, photodiode and ordinary light sources available at any places (Bulb, Fluorescent or LED ones). The goal of this project is to establish minimal circuits which are able to perform analog and digital wireless communication using some regular light sources like LEDs and LED-based lamps/tubes. Since there weren’t many English-speaking employees and the students, they took effort to explain and translate everything we needed to know regarding our tasks.

Img 1579+ +andrew+samuel


I formed strong friendships with people from more than 10 countries of the world. During 12 weeks in Brazil, I also took some time for travelling with my friends and with other gringos. I have explored natural beauties of Foz de Iguazu and took a day trip to Paraguay nearby. Rio de Janeiro was a dream come true with its colorful streets, sandy beaches and breathtaking sunsets with caipirinha. Brasilia felt like walking around encyclopedia of architecture and Sao Paulo will always stay in my memory as a city with a cool vibe.


I learnt a lot in terms of my work experience in a university lab, accepted challenges which I didn’t know I had in me to tackle as well as experienced whole new cultures, languages, cuisines! Overall, my internship experience was nothing but amazing. IAESTE doesn’t only provide you with an internship; it provides you with fantastic people from all over the world, with a challenge that will make you more mature and open-minded.