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Andre Baltazar Pinto

Home country


Internship city and country

Warri, Nigeria

Internship employer


University study field

Petroleum Engineering

Year of internship


Internship length

9 weeks


I had the outstanding opportunity to complete a petroleum engineering internship in FUPRE. My main project comprehended the study of Pipeline Integrity Management. This internship encompassed a literature review about pipeline integrity management through intelligent pigging survey and remote sensing. Specifically, this study covered an extensive review of three case studies that comprehend the future advancements in the intelligent pigging survey. This internship allowed me to study a subject important to the oil and gas companies. Additionally, during my internship, I held the chance to visit Egbaoma field, well 3 and 4, located in Northern Niger Delta of Delta State, Nigeria, which for me was an astonishing experience. This experience included a guided tour in the flow station, where they described every unit and inherent operations ( ex: Production separator drum, Pipeline Inlet Scrubber, Compressor, Knock out drum, heavy and low separator, Skimmer pit, Heater, Storage, and pig slot). It's rewarding to have practical knowledge after years of study.

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During my stay in Nigeria, I stayed in different places; my main place was the Fupre Campus. Additionally, we had the chance to travel during the weekends and was provided a lodge in another state, Benin (90km). At the FUPRE hostel, we had access to a home gym located in the center of the hostel that I used plenty of times. Also, every day after work I played barefoot football with the other students. FUPRE has a stadium outside the school campus and also has space inside the campus to play football. Additionally, there exists a Basketball pitch. Nigerians have good dancing skills, and throughout this internship, I held the chance to learn from them. Although my skills are not at the same level, we had fun all together while trying to learn the Nigerian moves. One interesting thing is the man's dance at the same level as the women or even better. For a Nigerian, every moment of the day is good to dance. I shared the room with other IASTE students and FUPRE students (5-6). We usually cooked together and eat together every night, which I really loved it (it was like family time). My hostel had space for 200 students we socialize altogether. For lunch, we usually used the canteens scattered all over the campus. The typical food from Nigeria is somehow different from the Portuguese; nevertheless, I enjoyed so much. The plates that I liked more was egusi soup, beans, and plantains, bangaa soup. Throughout my internship, I visited numerous incredible places. Most of the weekends we had a trip to somewhere in Nigeria. I had the chance to visit the Osogbo Sacred Grove Unesco, Abraka – Marcarthy Beach, also I went with Benin students for a 4-day trip to Obudu Mountain Resort, which was one of my favorite trips together with the visit to Idanre Hill, Ondo state.


First and Foremost, this experience is one of the most remarkable in my life. An incredible experience from the moment that I acquire the visa until you cross the Nigeria emigration services to return to Portugal. Initially, I was in doubt to go to Nigeria for the reason that it is often perceived as one of the most dangerous expat destinations. Nonetheless, to enjoy Nigeria it is mandatory to let go of the constant state of fear that we expat acquire reading the newspaper. Afterall in my last days in Nigeria, I regretted not to have the chance to stay longer. During my stay in Nigeria, I went to different cultural events. I had the chance to go to a marriage, a birthday party, a Student week (annual party), and so on. I look to Nigeria on the map, and I'm able to remember how. I was transformed by this country, through the people I have met, the things I have seen, all the good moments, and also the scar that I brought 😊. Through all these moments, I found a family in Nigeria that I miss massively. In the present date where energy and water are one of the main concerns of the world, there are several countries in Africa suffering from energy and water poverty, one of them is Nigeria. Where the energy is not constant, and most of the time, the energy is created by generators to be able to do the crucial life's daily task. Nonetheless, they can live with a smile on the face, even facing all these daily struggles. Through this internship, I realized that happiness is a state of mind. In terms of conclusion, I think that it is important to start to look at the world as one and eliminate the barriers between them. Thanks to everyone that made me feel welcome and help me to have a memorable stay.