China, Macau


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Aleksandar Aleksić

Home country


Internship city and country

Macau, China, Macau

Internship employer

University of Macau

University study field

Mechnical Engineering

Year of internship


Internship length

8 weeks


The task I got was very interesting for me. It was close to the field of study I do in my home country, but it was somewhat different and oriented more towards practical work. I was working in the Automotive Engineering Laboratory of the Faculty of Science and Technology, on a car that meant to be modified to become a race car. For every engineer that is demanding, but enchanting task. I am glad that I succeeded to complete all the tasks that my professor put in front of me. Two months spent in the laboratory doing practical things around the car made me appreciate working mechanic do in preparing cars for the demanding conditions of race tracks. Also it showed me what modifications and how thoroughly they must be made in order to fulfill the rules of racing. Approval of my work were the words of my professor that I was the best inter he ever met. :D

68671784 2407437299345021 5753681980931702784 o+ +aleksandar+aleksic


The best part of Macau internship was the way of life we had for those two months. It was a dream, no other word for it. Why and how, someone might ask.Well, let me tell you. Cocooned in the enchanting luxury of Macau, strolling down the promenades, passing the hotels and casinos, having fun in some of the best bars and clubs in the World... we had it all. The beauty of it was the fact it was unsustainable, almost non realistic... living in the air of the time... spending allowance on the joys of Macau and Hong Kong. Accommodation was student dormitory, it was excellent, as the whole campus. At first sentence I said: "way of life we had", emphasizing on the fact that all interns this year in Macau were like a big happy family. And indeed, those guys meant everything to me, without them it would be... well empty and shallow.Meeting all that different personalities, taking them, exchanging opinions and views on life was the biggest treasure I brought from Macau. I enjoyed every day of my Internship spent with them. Internship in Macau gave us opportunity to explore magnificent, astonishing and utterly bewitching city of Hong Kong. We came, stood shiftless in front of its magnificence, gazing and absorbing the feeling of the shear power city radiates. No need to say that we came for some more almost every week-end.Macaus position gave each of us to discover other countries of far east or Indochina. I went to Vietnam, which was a lifetime experience and call to come past and thoroughly explore the magnificent country that Vietnam really is. Packed streets of Hanoi, beautiful hills, temples, rivers absolutely intoxicate mind. Word can't explain the sensation of cruising Halong bay, being one of the seven wonders of the nature it is easily the best place I visited on Earth.


I learned that the quality of my education is high and that I have confidence to show it to others and of course to share my knowledge. I learned that deadlines don't pay so much credit in education, it is a long process and everybody should make some effort outside faculty. By that I mean that I saw the importance of internships because they incorporate practical and social side in a most beautiful way. It inspired me to go visit places and make friends around the world. It also inspired me to learn new languages and perfect one that I know - French. This internship proved some of my views on the world and expanded them, I saw that I can do more, and it gave me courage to do it.