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Prof. Maria Inês Gariglio, CEFET - Centro Federal de Educação Tecnológica de Minas Gerais


Receiving exchange students is always a growth for our institution! The CEFET-MG, in consolidation of the internationalisation goal, receives exchange students from different countries and institutions. The partnership with the IAESTE programme has been very fruitful because enables new opportunities and cultural exchanges. The exchange programme, besides expanding an academic vision, transforms hearts, and more: shows that there is no right way to live and work. IAESTE students have shown us that work can be done more successfully when there is partnership and adaptation. The best way to do something is to adapt reality to changing possibilities, taking contributions from different people, and learning to deal with the unexpected.


Prof. Dr. Thomas Michael Bohnert from ZHAW, Switzerland


We have had only good experiences with the IAESTE exchange programme.

International mobility is important in a great manner for our research group and our university, as we believe in the globalised scientific community. In terms of technology and research, there are no boundaries. We like to get people from different nations to have their perspective and inputs in our research. They share their valuable experiences from their countries and we not only build a foundation for robust research but also make valuable contacts through them. So far I have supervised eight students, coming from various countries as Ukraine, Macedonia, India, Czech Republic, Albania, Brazil and Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). We have had only good experiences with the IAESTE exchange programme. The students are very motivated in their work and career. They are young and open to accept new challenges and learn as much as they can. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.


President of University of Tehran, Iran, Professor Ahmad Nili


Every year, IAESTE students are involved with our scientific achievements.

With respect to title of IAESTE the main goal is providing training experiences especially for engineering students. I think for earning real and practical executive experience most of offers should come from companies or industrial projects and IAESTE Iran endeavors to specify most of its offers to companies and industrial units. University of Tehran, with many various advanced laboratories and research institutes is one of the most equipped universities in Middle East. One of the important goals of UT is performing research that is effective and helpful in industry. Every year, IAESTE students are involved with our scientific achievements. This would promote their technical and scientific knowledge. I am one of the professors who worked with IAESTE international Students. First I should tell that I enjoyed working with them. Attending these students in our laboratories can develop Iranian and foreign students communications. This leads to narrowing scientific and cultural gaps between our students and foreign students.