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Mario Garić, Croatia


This is my way of depicting my journey from Croatia to Thailand for a life changing experience. To all those who are on the verge of going on something like this, I say, do it!

Rajon Bhuiyan, Bangladesh, Automotive Engineering


Best time ever: My IAESTE Internship of 5 months

In July 2016 I had the incredible opportunity to go to Germany, for an IAESTE internship in Automotive Engineering & Vehicle Acoustic. I was lucky to be supervised by a wonderful professor Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Foken and helped by amazingly cooperative colleagues. I compared different stimulation methods for experimental modal analysis on vehicle assemblies and vibration analysis within the framework of modal analysis.

I formed strong friendships with people from more than 15 countries of the world. During the weekends I visited all the major cities in Germany & three more bordering countries with my friends. I learnt a lot in terms of my work experience in a university lab, accepted challenges which I didn’t know I had in me to tackle as well as experienced whole new cultures, languages, cuisines & beer!

My time in Germany is something that I will never ever forget because it has enriched me in so many ways. My IAESTE internship was honestly, the best thing I have ever done!

Rajon b

Sanja Jovic, Croatia, Civil engineer


I did my IAESTE internship in summer of 2014., after finishing first year of my master studies. I still remember the day I got email from a local outgoing coordinator, stating that I was accepted for an internship at UNESP – Campus de Ilha Solteira in Brazil. I was deliriously happy, but at the same time overwhelmed with planning for the biggest move of my life that far. After 2 flights, a night at airport, a night in a bus I finally arrived in a small city of Ilha Solteira, which is considered an university city. Students mainly live in groups of 4-10 in student houses, called republicas, and I was living with 3 local students in one of those houses. Subject of my internship was doing a research on influence of replacing cement with rubber in interlocking concrete blocks – which included producing the blocks with added different ratios of rubber into the mixture and then testing the produced blocks. Students and university staff were always friendly and helpful to me and other gringos – helping us with work and errands, showing us around, inviting us to churrascos and hanging around by pool (yes, some republicas have pools). During 10 weeks in Brazil, I also took some time for travelling alone and in a group with other gringos. I have explored natural beauties of Foz de Iguazu and took a day trip to Paraguay nearby. Rio de Janeiro was a dream come true with its colourful streets, sandy beaches and breathtaking sunsets with caipirinha. Brasilia felt like walking around encyclopedia of architecture and Sao Paulo will always stay in my memory as a city with a cool vibe.


Rabil Jaza, Tunisia, Engineering


As a part of my Engineering studies in Tunisia, summer internship was a mandatory course. For that reason, I chose to apply for an IAESTE internship and luckily got accepted in Rongheng Information Technology Ltd in Shanghai China. At the beginning, I was very nervous because internship abroad was not only a challenge in a professional way, but also in terms of culture, tradition and even in food.

At the company where I worked, Mr. William, the CEO, and his assistant Frank, were helpful and kind to us during the entire time. Since there weren’t many English speaking employees, they took effort to explain and translate everything we needed to know regarding our tasks. At the end, it felt good to know that they were pleased with the progress I accomplished in that short period.

Getting used to the Shanghai lifestyle wouldn’t have been easy without other international interns working there as well. In our free time, we travelled and explored China and its countless treasures which lead to making close friendships for lifetime.

Overall, my internship experience was nothing but amazing. IAESTE doesn’t only provide you with an internship; it provides you with fantastic people from all over the world, with a challenge that will make you more mature and open-minded and for me there was an extra (I found her).

Rabii j

Aneta Ciechanowska, Poland, IT


I am Aneta, from Gdańsk University of Technology in Poland. It’s my second internship with IAESTE, this one is quite long- for a whole year. I started in July 2016, end of contract in June 2017. I have a great opportunity to do my internship in charming city, Malaga, in southern Spain.

Internship in microapps is amazing experience. It’s small company in IT department, but mixture of people from different countries make it one in a kind! I’m learning a lot- how the IT business is looking like, how to do a marketing research and how to use the data collected. Malaga is great city, way from Poland is 4 hours flight from Warsaw, direct flight. IAESTE Malaga committee member made me feel like home after one day- they are very helpful and it’s a pleasure to spend time with them.

I love the weather here, the coldest month- December, is warm comparing to Poland. It’s around 15 Celsius degrees, no snow, sometimes rain. Summer months were hot, but we were spending time mostly on the beach during weekends, and in the office with the AC during the week.

Spanish people, food, weather and the Malaga city are amazing. It’s impossible to be disappointed here!

Aneta c

Xiufu Zhu, China, Mechanical Engineering


I am mechanical engineering student coming from China currently studying at Harbin Institute of Technology. I was an IAESTE intern during the summer 2016 at the Institute of Dynamic and Vibration Research at Leibniz University in Germany. IAESTE internship left me with nothing but wonderful memories. I worked with a very understanding and supportive supervisor. We were doing conducting research on micro welding using simulations which gave me a lot of practical experience I previously didn’t have. IAESTE committee and its members were very helpful during my entire stay in Germany and provided plenty of weekend activities. Weekend activities were great opportunity to travel and meet a lot of friends from various world countries and gain memorable experiences together. Besides visiting major German cities, I also traveled to Netherlands and Belgium which was great insight to European culture. Thanks to IAESTE my summer in Europe will be something I will treasure forever and recommend to everyone.