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Derrick Nandwa, Kenya, IAESTE DeKUT


Being both a founder member and President at IAESTE-DeKUT (Dedan Kimathi University of Technology) LC at this time, the acceptance was the most satisfying gift I got from IAESTE. We founded the LC with only a few willing members in order to set the foundation of an exchange programme in our institution. This was a new thing and many students had doubts about the whole process and how exchange programmes worked. Exchanging our first round of students was what my team sought for as the rest of the school was looking up to us, there was no room for failure and thanks to IAESTE’s support this was a piece of cake. This was two years ago, and currently IAESTE DeKUT has expanded its number of exchange students and with a target of 100 students annually, I know we will make it. IAESTE DeKUT has extended its reach to the community and its members volunteer in community service and we even sponsor the Rugby sevens sport in our town. IAESTE helps students to have a unique element in their CV and this exposes them to very insightful networks in the job market.

Eventually they become candidates of very desirable and successful job Opportunities. That’s what I am now.