Strategic IAESTE Development (SID)

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The Strategic IAESTE Development Team is responsible for moderating the active dialogue between member countries about the strategic direction of the association. This includes conducting the Seminar of Strategic IAESTE development once a year and organising follow-ups to ensure that ideas for improvement are presented to the General Conference.

Nicolas Willekens

Nicolas Willekens is a master student in Chemical Engineering at Ghent University (Belgium). He joined LC Ghent in 2014, became a board member in 2016 holding the position of Treasurer and Corporate Relations Coordinator. In addition to this, he took part in the job raising team, the summer reception, as well as the development of the LC and its structure. Later on he became internationally active which has made him increasingly passionate about the development of IAESTE. His aim as an SID Coordinator is to structurally enhance the way IAESTE adapts to the changes of its environment.