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Internships for Non-Member country students

These instructions are for students from non-member countries (plus students from England & Wales under special agreement)

  • Find your internship below
  • Register on our Internship Portal using NON-MEMBER as the country you study in
  • Once you've received your login details complete your profile. When choosing your Local Committee, select NON-MEMBER, unless you are from Imperial College or Cardiff University, in which case select those.
  • Wait for your registration to be approved
  • Apply for the internship you're interested in on the Exchange Platform (please do not apply for more than 3 internships)
  • You will be contacted if we decide to nominate you
  • You will be sent instructions to complete your nomination and pay the nomination fee (€100)


To see the full details of the internship click on the Offer ID link.


PLEASE NOTE that the deadline shown is the deadline for submitting the nomination (the complete set of required documents), NOT the deadline for applications, so please make sure you contact your national committee as soon as possible to let them know you wish to apply.