News | 41st Central European Convention

Author: 21.05.2019

41st Central European Convention

The 41st CEC took place in Neum, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Sun, beach, sea, enjoyable workshops and a masked ball, are what defined this year’s Central European Convention (CEC), that was held in Neum, Bosnia and Herzegovina and was attended by 134 people from 14 countries. The hosts made the reservation for one of the most important IAESTE events in the beginning of May, and those first announcements, together with the location, promised it to be one of the most remarkable CEC’s so far.


During two days of interesting workshops, parties and meeting new people, the Bosnians showed us what it’s like when they organise an event. A welcome package was waiting for all the participants upon arrival and after a warm welcome and a short break, the fun started at the masked ball. This was held with masks just as special as the CEC itself, as they were painted and designed by disabled people and children.


The second day was filled with workshops, of which some were held in the open air. The weather was perfect, which made it possible to fully enjoy the beauty of the place that was our home for three days. That evening was one that stands out on its own; the international evening with a representation of all of the cultures of the participants.


The following morning we sadly had to leave Neum and Bosnia and Herzegovina, but we promised ourselves that we would return, even if it were just for the next CEC.


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