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If you are a student or employer, we suggest getting in touch with your closest local committee. They will guide you on your next steps in the IAESTE journey.

How It Works

Where would you like to go next? Select a committee by clicking on the map below, and get in touch with IAESTE in the country of your studies.

Check any special eligibility requirements Arrow dropdown

Eligibility requirements are: - needs to be enrolled as a student during the time of applicationPlease let your IAESTE national committee know if you need any additional information or in case you still have more questions.

About your host country Arrow dropdown

After being accepted by the employer, the students should apply for an internship visa under student visas category at the Turkish Consulate located in their homeland before their travel to Turkey. Otherwise, they should note that they will have to register at the migration management office where they reside by applying for a short term residence permit as soon as they arrive in Turkey. So we advise them to finalize their visa issues under a correct application and within a reasonable duration before their internship starts.Additional documents and payments may be necessary for long term offers.*Lodging will be arranged by the university LC; so please consult your responsible LC for your questions related to reception&accommodation for the offer, ONLY AFTER you have received your acceptance from your IAESTE office.*Before your arrival , please check out the list of public holidays in Turkey.A survival guide will be sent to you by the LC assigned to your offer.

Arrival & pick up Arrow dropdown

Details of what you should do on arrival will be provided, including a contact person who will meet you at the train station or airport. In case of any problem, you should have the address of your accommodation and the transportation information to be able to go there by yourself.

During Internship Arrow dropdown

Your supervisor at work will guide you during the whole internship. The working hours will be set by the employer. The LCs will inform you on summer reception events.

Check if you are eligible Arrow dropdown

To apply for an IAESTE internship you have to: - be an undergraduate student of an IAESTE Turkey network member university (pls check our webpage)- be studying engineering, architecture, natural sciences, agriculture, etc.- be a student of min. 2nd year- have min. GPA of 2.00 out of 4.00- have participated at the foreign language (mainly English) exam arranged by your University and your University's representative, each year according to the deadlines announced- get min. 70 out of 100 from English language exam- be a student from the candidates' list of the member university, which is sent to IAESTE Turkey office by the University's IAESTE representative by including an average of the abovementioned points (the deadlines are announced to the University representatives each year)Student status is required for application.Keep in mind that the hosting country may have additional requirements.

Application/Registration Arrow dropdown

- You must register on the Exchange Platform, if your name is in the candidates' list sent by your University representative.- Log in to the EP and complete your profile as per instructions available on the platform and submit your profile for verification.- Your profile is verified only if you fulfill the eligibility requirements.- If you are interested in an internship, please contact your University representative. Individual applications are not taken into consideration!

Selection Arrow dropdown

Please note that there are different types of offers, so each selection process differs from one another.-AC offers are allocated to one student by the University's IAESTE representative.-COBE and FCFS offers are sent firstly to the University representative and then they will decide who will be sent as the University candidate.-IAESTE Turkey office will nominate the selected student according to the offer type. For further information, please check our webpage.

Nomination Arrow dropdown

The nomination is a compilation of documents based on which the employer makes the final decision whether or not to accept you.The nomination should include the following documents:-Student nominated form-Motivation letter-CV-Transcript of records-Certificate of enrollment-Language certificate-Photo-List of studies (optional)-Reference letter (recommended for COBE offers)-Other certificates if available-Passport copy if availableFor all Architecture internships, a portfolio is required.If the nomination does not fulfill the above mentioned criteria, the nomination will be send back for corrections.Some countries may request additional documents.

Acceptance & Departure Arrow dropdown

Once the nomination is completed and fully uploaded to the EP, it will be shared with the receiving country and the employer. The receiving IAESTE committee or the employer might want to conduct an interview with you. If so, you should keep us in the copy of any emails.Unless you were contacted by the receiving committee or employer directly, you are not allowed to contact them. If you do, you might be excluded from the IAESTE internship programme.Once the nomination has been shared with the receiving committee, you should receive the final decision approximately in one month.Once accepted, follow the instructions of the receiving committee. Within 2 weeks, you should confirm on the EP that you accept to undertake the internship. If a visa or work permit is required, you should start the process as soon as possible. All students are required to purchase travel insurance which covers the duration of their internship. Please submit your arrival details on time so that the receiving country can make all necessary arrangements to welcome you.If your nomination is rejected, you can apply for another internship offer if available.

During & After Internship Arrow dropdown

IAESTE supports the intern during the internship by helping with the reception and also organising the social events. In case of any problems you can always reach us for some tips or in case of emergency. After the internship you'll be asked to complete a feedback form to help us to evaluate your internship as we are always trying to improve our performance and reach the highest standards. The report should be submitted within the given deadline after the end of the internship. Afterwards, you will be issued with a certificate that confirms your participation in the programme.

Requirements to offer an internship to a foreign student Arrow dropdown

Contact us using the contact details above. To offer an internship you will need to prepare the job description, information about major tasks/skills, describe the eligibility criteria for the students, such as degree, skills required and fields of study. You will also need to define the period you would like to host the intern. You should provide details of the intern's supervisor. All IAESTE internships are paid, so please remember that the payment you provide to the student needs to cover at least the basic expenses (food, accommodation, local travel). Specify whether you would like us to organise accommodation for the student, or if you will arrange it. We will then guide you to the nearest Local Student Committee.

Offering an internship to a foreign student Arrow dropdown

Register on the IAESTE Exchange Platform, further called EP (iaeste.net).Create an 'offer' (internship offer) and complete all the mandatory fields. It is important to provide a detailed description of the work the intern will do. Send the offer on the EP to us for approval. You will be notified if offer is approved or contacted to clarify any missing information.

Selection & Approval Arrow dropdown

Students' profiles will be presented to you via the Exchange Platform (EP) - you will see all documents prepared by the student (nomination package). Selection process differs according to the offer type. Each AC offer is for only one candidate. If the student presented does not fulfill the requirements of your work description, you may reject and request another candidate for the same offer.If you have any additional questions regarding the students' nomination you can always contact us and the LC assigned to your offer.You can also request direct interviews with the candidates before taking a decision.

Pre Arrival Logistics Arrow dropdown

After a student is accepted, he/she is contacted by the receiving committee to begin arrival preparations, eg. they receive a booklet with information about the country, the common way to reach the country, if the location of work is far from big cities, how to get there etc. You, as the employer, may be asked to support with some special documentation to be presented for visa/work permit application (if required). It is important to set a date to receive the intern and prepare in advance the first day at work. It is expected from the employer to introduce the intern to the work and to the team the intern will work with.

During & After Internship Arrow dropdown

It is expected that you are in regular contact with the student, ideally to assign a supervisor to guide him/her during the process. You are responsible for providing the intern with basic material for work: desk, computer etc. and if this is not possible, to mention it in advance so the student can be prepared. It is highly appreciated to have regular communication between our office and yourselves. After the internship you we will ask you to complete a feedback form to share your experience with us.

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