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Get In Touch With IAESTE Nigeria

If you are a student or employer, we suggest getting in touch with your closest local committee. They will guide you on your next steps in the IAESTE journey.

How It Works

Where would you like to go next? Select a committee by clicking on the map below, and get in touch with IAESTE in the country of your studies.

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We accept active and graduate students of all nationalities usually age 18-35, don't worry if our country embassy is not present in your country, we have Visa on Arrival.

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Nigeria is situated in the western part of Africa and it is the largest economy and most populous country in the continent. English is the official language of communication a legacy from the British Empire. Nigeria is secular country, with Christianity as the main religion in the South and Islam in the North. We will send you our reception booklet on acceptance of your internship.

Arrival & pick up Arrow dropdown

The IAESTE local committee or the employer will arrange your stay in the country, including picking airport picks, accommodation, and actively engage you throughout the internship period.

During Internship Arrow dropdown

The IAESTE Local Committee will assign a contact person for you, who will primarily assist you in case of any challenges during the internships, including arranging reception programmes and tours throughout the country.

Check if you are eligible Arrow dropdown

To register, you must be:- a bona fide student of any institutions in Nigeria- actively enrolled as an undergraduate or postgraduate student or recent graduate (but not more 12months from date of graduation)- age 18 - 35

Application/Registration Arrow dropdown

Create your account at the portal, www.iaeste.net and notify your local committee in your institution for verification or email [email protected] | [email protected]

Selection Arrow dropdown

After your registration, we will review your profile and academic credentials, and actively use such to secure you a placement.

Nomination Arrow dropdown

The nomination is a set of documents, which you use to apply for a job position. It includes your academic credentials and international passport. The nomination documents enable the employer to make decision of accepting or rejecting your application.

Acceptance & Departure Arrow dropdown

The waiting period for acceptance is usually between 2 - 4 weeks. After which we guide you through the visa and travel application process.

During & After Internship Arrow dropdown

The receiving IAESTE committee will welcome you and provide assistance for you during the internship. You are expected to give a detailed report on the completion of your internship in order to be issue an IAESTE certificate.

Requirements to offer an internship to a foreign student Arrow dropdown

Employers are expected to partner with us by following the procedure outline here:https://sites.google.com/iaeste.org/ep-employer-guide/homeWe can help you with the entire registration process, and create your offers. Contact us via [email protected]

Offering an internship to a foreign student Arrow dropdown

Register on the IAESTE Exchange Platform, further called EP (iaeste.net). Create an 'offer' (internship offer) and complete all the mandatory fields. It is important to provide a detailed description of the work the intern will do. Send the offer on the EP to us for approval.

Selection & Approval Arrow dropdown

We will help you to select the desire student (trainee) which is tailored to your needs. You will ultimately decide to approve or reject the student. In case of the latter will get you a replacement as fast as possible.

Pre Arrival Logistics Arrow dropdown

We will assist you in the organisation of the student arrival including immigration documentation.

During & After Internship Arrow dropdown

You will assign a supervisor that will take responsibility for the student for the entire duration of the placement. IAESTE will help organise reception and cultural programmes.

Discover the experiences of previous interns

Every internship tells a story and you can read hundreds of IAESTE intern stories via our stories map.

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