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If you are a student or employer, we suggest getting in touch with your closest local committee. They will guide you on your next steps in the IAESTE journey.

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Check any special eligibility requirements Arrow dropdown

Eligibility requirements are: - needs to be enrolled by the time of nomination and not have finished its full study program prior to six months before initiation of the practical training.- Must comply with the profile and qualifications as defined by the host company.Please let AMIPP/IAESTE Mexico know if you need any additional information or in case you still have more questions

About your host country Arrow dropdown

Simple travel insurance DOES NOT apply. An insurance covering your full internship stay and activities must be purchased prior to initiation of your practical training. It shall also cover your visiting activities during your full stay in Mexico.Please be aware of SPECIFIC climate conditions in the area of your training. Bear in mind that in Mexico some areas are warm throughout the year but many others have seasonal weather conditions.You should bring with you adapter type 120W, double parallel prong, for electricityYou will be provided with a quick reference and quick support information booklet

Arrival & pick up Arrow dropdown

Details of what you should do on arrival will be provided, including a contact person who will assist you for your introduction to training and useful local information on transportation, facilites, previsions to take, etc. Upon arrival, AMIPP will process your bank account and will provide you with instructions on how to get your VISA electronic debit card.

During Internship Arrow dropdown

Your supervisor at work will guide you during the whole internship. The training hours are typically the same regular employees observe, as they constitute the team and guidance for your practical training. You may be added to a Trainee Whatsapp group and will be able to communicate with all members and trainees that are currently in the locality. It is likely that events will be organized during the week and/or weekend and inform you about all reception events. If you have any questions, pelase don't hestiate to ask the local IAESTE support team.

Check if you are eligible Arrow dropdown

To apply for an IAESTE internship you have to: - be between 18 and 35 years old- be a student of a university which AMIPP/IAESTE Mexico has agreements with- be enrolled or graduate: you must have a valid student enrolment certificate or max. six months after graduationKeep in mind that in the hosting country there may be additional requirements.You will be charged a registration fee, an exchange fee, and a deposit which will be returned upon providing feedback report after the internship. All fees are expected to be paid in full to AMIPP/IAESTE Mexico, correspondingly: a) before your application is considered, b) your eventual nomination for training is processed and presented to the prospect receiving country and host company.

Application/Registration Arrow dropdown

- You must formally register using the form provided by AMIPP/IAESTE Mexico. Registering in the Exchange Platform, further called the EP (iaeste.net) does not constitute official/formal registration and will not be processed nor verified unless the full registration provided by AMIPP/IAESTE Mexico is submitted to AMIPP.- Upon verification (based on the eligibility requirements) you can log in and see most of the available internships.- If you are interested in an internship, please check that you fulfill all requirements. Please note that there are different types of internship offers: EXCHANGE offers - These offers are obtained by AMIPP/IAESTE Mexico through reciprocal exchange and are ONLY for students in Mexico, are formally presented to best meet the requirements set by the receiving company abroad. They constitute the most successful way of obtaining a practical training abroad, as they are fully verified and prospect receiving companies have full consulting professional support form their national offices for compliance and understanding of reach of the training program.COBE offers - these internship are open worldwide and students from other countries can be nominated at the same time and the final decision is up to the employer. These offers follow a FCFS (first come first serve) processing - these internships are also open worldwide, but the first student with a complete nomination is considered by the employer.There may be offers identified as AC - these internships are open only to one country and your nomination will not be compared with students from other countries. If you wish to apply to these offers you can submit an application in the EP. Acceptance is not guaranteed as you compete with other candidates for these offers.Reserved Offers - are offered by prospect receiving companies who have previously detected a specific candidate they wish to receive. Two National offices are involved in order to provide support in administrative, immigration and legal aspects to make possible that the traineeship can actually occurs.

Selection Arrow dropdown

Once you submit the application, it will be reviewed with all applications received for this internships offer and inform you if it will be assigned to you and you can proceed with completing a nomination, BOTH towards AMIPP/IAESTE Mexico and the EP.For COBE offers, your profile will be reviewed comparing it with the requirements specified by the hosting company, considering other applicants as well. The EP team rank all applicants and choose the most suitable applicant for the internship.

Nomination Arrow dropdown

The nomination is a compilation of documents based on which the employer makes the final decision whether or not to accept you.The nomination should include the following documents, which shall be uploaded in the EP:- Student Nomination Form (plus Attachment if not medically fit)- Cover Letter (International format, ask AMIPP/IAESTE Mexico)- CV (International format, ask AMIPP/IAESTE Mexico)- Transcript of records (including the grading scale)- The IAESTE Language Certificate /TOEFL /Other related examination records.- Certificate of Enrolment from the University (if required for the internship offer, ask AMIPP/IAESTE Mexico for support)- Letter of Recommendation (international format, ask AMIPP/IAESTE Mexico) - Scanned copy of Passport - PhotographFor all Architecture internships, a portfolio is required.If the nomination does not fulfill the above mentioned criteria, the nomination will be send back for corrections.Before the nomination is forwarded the participation fee must be paid.

Acceptance & Departure Arrow dropdown

Once the nomination is completed and fully uploaded to the EP, it will be shared with the receiving country and the employer. The receiving IAESTE committee or the employer might want to conduct an interview with you. If so, you shall keep AMIPP/IAESTE Mexico informed of all communications.If you were contacted by the receiving committee or employer directly, you are not allowed to contact them unless cleared to do so by AMIPP/IAESTE Mexico. Failure to follow on this disposition cal lead to be excluded from the IAESTE internship program.Once the nomination has been shared by AMIPP/IAESTE Mexico with the receiving committee, you should receive the final decision in max. 5 weeks. If not, you are allowed to cancel your nomination and apply for another internship.Once accepted, follow the instructions of both AMIPP/IAESTE Mexico and the receiving committee. You should confirm that you wish undertake the internship within 2 weeks. ALL traineeships require an immigration permit, you should start the process as instructed immediately. All trainees are required to purchase insurance which covers the duration and activities of their internship. Please submit your arrival details on time so that the receiving country can make all necessary arrangements to welcome you.If your nomination is rejected, you can apply for another internship or request a refund of the participation fee.

During & After Internship Arrow dropdown

IAESTE supports the trainee during the internship by helping with the reception and also possibly other the social events. In case of any problems you can always reach the National office of the hosting country, and AMIPP/IAESTE Mexico in case of emergency. During the internship, you shall work to complete the full experience report in the format provided by AMIPP/IAESTE Mexico. After the internship you'll be asked to complete a feedback form to help to evaluate your internship for possible improvement of standards. The report should be submitted within 90 days after the end of the internship through AMIPP/IAESTE Mexico. Afterwards, you will be issued with a certificate that confirms your participation in the programme.

Requirements to offer an internship to a foreign student Arrow dropdown

Companies interested in receiving foreign trainees shall contact AMIPP/IAESTE Mexico using the contact details above. To offer an internship you will need to prepare the job description, eligibility criteria for the prospect training candidate (degree, level of advancement, skills required, define the timeframe(s) in which a defined period of training must occur. All IAESTE internships are never paid as salary but they must provide a monthly gross stipend for the trainee which will ALWAYS be paid to AMIPP who will then process the net stipend to the visiting trainee. The stipend shall suffice to cover for food, accommodation, local living expenses and transportation. Specify whether you would like us to organise accommodation for the student, or if you will arrange it. Bear in mind that foreign trainees DO NOT qualify as employees in any category under National labour law and ILO criteria.

Offering an internship to a foreign student Arrow dropdown

Register to AMIPP, completing the legal agreement provided. AMIPP will further process the offering in the international platform (NO direct international registration of an offering will be considered formal nor legal-binding). It is important you follow the instructions provided by AMIPP to avoid wrong or non-legal procedure. By law, the ONLY viable practical training offering for any foreigner is that that strictly follows the principle of RECIPROCITY, which considers that a Mexican student will receive a practical training abroad in exchange. AMIPP can guide you to successfully comply with this requirement.

Selection & Approval Arrow dropdown

Students' profiles will be presented to you via AMIPP/IAESTE Mexico or the means considered best for your most agile and formal participation. The student that fulfills your requirements the most and you can accept him/her for the internship.If you have any additional questions regarding the students' nomination you can always contact AMIPP/IAESTE Mexico. IAESTE at international level provides an electronic platform for additional support for basic (non-specific) process information only. Bear in mind that you can additionally request direct interviews with the candidates before taking a decision.

Pre Arrival Logistics Arrow dropdown

After a training candidate is accepted, he/she will be contacted by AMIPP/IAESTE Mexico as official receiving committee to begin arrival preparations, eg. they receive a booklet with information about the country, the common way to reach the country, local transportation information, etc. You, as the employer, will be asked to support with some special documentation to be presented to comply with the immigration status of the trainee and full legal participation of the trainee in your facilities. It is important to set a date to receive the trainee and prepare in advance for initiation of the training program (introduce the trainee to the work environment, interviews, assignations, expectations, objectives to reach, performance evaluations, etc).

During & After Internship Arrow dropdown

It is expected to assign a supervisor for the trainee to guide him/her during the process. You are responsible for providing the trainee with the necessary equipment to perform efficiently during their stay. Both the supervisor in charge and the trainee shall maintain periodic and continuous communication with AMIPP/IAESTE Mexico on the evolution and performance of the trainee. After the internship a performance evaluation must be submitted to AMIPP/IAESTE Mexico. Once a year, in autumn, IAESTE organizes an event for all participating employers to network and thank them for their support.

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