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Internship Phase I: 3 months 1. Selected applicants receive a 3 month contract and begin remote work immediately2. Interns attend the 9 A.M. daily standups with the Stockholm team by video chat3. ICSS may choose to extend the contract, otherwise the internship concludes hereInternship Phase II: 3 months4. Extended applicants receive a new 3 month contract and are given more substantial tasks5. The opportunity for a 6 month extension as an intern and a 1 year entry level contract in Sweden are discussed with clear achievement requirements6. ICSS has the final decision in extended the contract, otherwise the internship concludes hereInternship Phase III: 8 months - 12 months7. During this phase ICSS may choose to officially engage the candidate as a fulltime interned employee.Fixed Employment8. When the candidate has completed the combined 14 months of internship, they will begin their fixed employment as a regular member of the team.

Work description

Python Angular Developer- The role in a nutshellAs a frontend enthusiast you will be working on both major UX upgrades and small aesthetic tweaks. Responsiveness, widgets, gamification and theming are on our roadmap. As a member of a lean startup development team you will also have the opportunity to help deliver backend changes - especially those that affect the frontend. - Why you should apply for this roleWe have a unique opening for the right candidate. 16 years of experience gives us the edge of an industry leader while launching a ground-breaking technology in the Insurtech industry lets us be as flexible as a startup. If you are keen on supporting and improving an ongoing, live project while designing and developing features to grow the business, this opportunity could be for you. - What you will be working onData! Our project is data born, data driven and its success is defined by data quality. Regardless of whether you are redesigning a form, overhauling the reports system or removing redundant code you will ultimately be working with data. This role will primarily be improving and developing our standalone application frontend that demonstrates what our REST API is capable of doing. - Who you will be working withWe are a small team with colleagues from most continents. We are a wide blend of skills, experience and cultures. We welcome all nationalities and backgrounds - provided that you are legally employable in Sweden. English is our company language.Depending on the specific tasks being performed, you could be working solo or in a 2-3 member team. - What we are looking forOperating as a startup, you will have a lot of room to grow. While technical skills are important to be able to do the work, we are very interested in who you are as an individual. Teamworking skills, communication, and the ability to think objectively are important to us.We value flexibility. There are many ways to get work done - We are building a team that can come together to achieve goals.Having worked with Online Shopping / eCommerce / Price Comparison sites or data driven consumer services will give you a strong advantage.

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