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FASHION DESIGN IN THE 21ST CENTURYWhat would you do?- Luxury Segment of the Fashion Industry,- The Internet, the World Wide Web, and E-Commerce,- The Origin of Luxury Fashion, Creativity Blends Intellect and Emotion- The Haute Couture, Qualitative Research and Design Strategy- Technology created new environments for social and businessinteraction,- A global competitive environment, Price-Point and Creativity- Technology, Mystery and Surprise, Creativity,- Unifying Metatheory for Clothing and Textiles- Paper submission & Modelling,- Project Presentation.How do we plan to work with you?1. We need you to be able to devote at least 2 hours per day.2. We will set up weekly online meetings to follow up on the progress work.3. As they may exist time zone differences, we expect you to be flexible with meeting timings.What to expect after completion?After successful completion of the above mentioned tasks, student will be awarded a certificate and recommendation letter. Only outstanding work will be considered as publication.

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